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Why pick a design/build solution

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a design/build solution?

IVI’s design/build solution is a turnkey industrial ventilation solution as the entire project is completed under one roof from the beginning designs, to the fabrication and installation of an industrial ventilation system. A design/build solution offers the opportunity to have the project’s specifications planned by the same team who builds and installs the system.

IVI handles all project management from beginning to end.

Types of design/build solutions

2) What is IVI’s design/build process?

When one of IVI’s customers has a problem; they are provided a quote for a turnkey industrial ventilation solution. The solution includes the engineering and design in addition to the fabrication and installation of the industrial ventilation system. IVI will also include the selection and procurement of necessary equipment and sub-contractors as needed.

Upon approval of the quote, IVI’s team begins the process by visiting the site and custom designing an industrial ventilation system to maximize a long-term return on investment.

Upon completion and approval of the designs, IVI’s team fabricates and installs the system on-site with the most efficient use of resources possible.

3) How can a design/build solution save on costs?

Design/build solutions are more efficient because there is no overlap in the various steps throughout the process. The time savings alone will save an organization on costs.

While IVI’s customers have the final say in any project, its design/build team provides full-service project management from start to finish. As a result, IVI’s customers save time and internal resources.

4) What benefits can a design/build solution provide?

A design/build solution provides a finished system with very little unforeseen complications.

When the design is developed by an engineering firm and then installed by another contractor, crucial steps can be missed. IVI’s design/build solution manages each step of the project with one team. If there is a problem, finding a solution is simple.

IVI can expedite the process as they are designing the system, resulting in a simplified purchasing process and shorter lead-times.

5) Why is a design/build solution the best choice?

IVI’s design/build solution provides its customers with flexible options for each project; ensuring that its customers’ needs are fully satisfied from start to finish.

6) When is a design/build solution the best choice?

  • When timetables are critical
  • When costs and/or budgets are important