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Turnkey Industrial Ventilation Systems

Industrial outdoor baghouses with ductwork attached

A Complete Turnkey Ventilation Solution from Start to Finish

Whether you are planning new construction, retrofitting an existing process or upgrading your current industrial ventilation system, you want a team that can address both your ventilation requirements and business needs. IVI’s turnkey industrial ventilation services manage the critical details through each phase of your project—assessment, design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.

Turnkey Process for Efficient, Effective Systems

Air flow analysis

New concepts are vetted using air flow analysis, our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling. This analysis helps the IVI team design and engineer a system to meet the airflow and business requirements for efficient, effective operation. 

Engineering and design

We approach industrial ventilation design with the end in mind, focusing on the safety of your workforce and clean air exhaust to the environment.

Fabrication and ductwork

IVI’s fabrication capabilities allow for unique shapes, large components and heavy thicknesses with laser-sharp precision. Our experienced team has provided unmatched craftsmanship using unique forming and welding expertise with a variety of metals.  

Expert installation

Our installation process helps avoid delays with thoughtful pre-planning before our industrial ventilation installation crew arrives at your site. Projects are led by a project manager, field foreman or supervisor to manage installation, ensure safety and minimize downtime. 

Industrial ventilation maintenance

Ongoing maintenance and servicing existing ventilation systems help identify and repair any issues before breakdowns occur and reduce the risk of workplace breakdowns.   

Project management

Once a design-build team of engineers is assigned to your project, they are with you from concept to completion as your project managers. You have direct access to the decision-makers who help meet your indoor air quality goals and standards. 

Ventilation Services for Your Industry

For more than 30 years, IVI has designed custom solutions for a range of industries, meeting their distinct ventilation needs.


Handling respirable crystalline silica dust, carbon monoxide and heat is complex. Learn how IVI helps keep your workforce safe with air quality standards for foundries.


Dust is abrasive in mining operations for precious metals, frac sand, iron ore, lime and other materials. Discover long-lasting dust collectors and material handling equipment for mines.

Pulp & Paper

Reduce energy usage and corrosion, minimize fiber and dust buildup and help prevent fires with efficient dust collectors for paper and pulp.


When you’re handling or cutting products made with sand, help keep workers safe and stay in compliance with stringent silica dust collection regulations. Find out how with IVI’s silica dust collectors.

Explore IVI’s high-performance dust collectors for other industries.

Why choose IVI for Industrial Ventilation Systems?

At IVI, we know the risks associated with trying to fit a square peg into a round hole with off-the-shelf industrial ventilation. That’s why we get to know your exact process and needs to design, build and install dust collector systems to meet your unique challenges and stringent requirements.  

Ready to connect with IVI for your turnkey industrial ventilation services?

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