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Dust Collection Systems

Industrial outdoor baghouses with ductwork attached
Foundry baghouse dust collector

Long-lasting Systems for Any Project Scope

Whether you need to capture a specific particulate, fit an industrial dust collector into a challenging space or ensure that your dust collection system requires minimal downtime for maintenance, IVI stands ready to help.  We design every part of your system to match your company’s needs. In other words, you get a system designed specifically for you and optimized for your environmental and indoor air quality standards.

Whether you need a single module that ranges from 500 to 100,000 cfm or a complete industrial dust collector system of over 1 million cfm, our team will customize a long-lasting solution for you.

Baghouse dust collector

Industrial Dust Collection Systems Built for Longevity

IVI dust collectors are built to last. Our engineering and design teams specify fabrication with metals and varying alloys selected for your environment, particulates and processes. Then, we fabricate those designs in-house, ensuring we meet your high standard of quality and longevity.

Industrial Ventilation Design

Enhance Your Facility, Production Process

A well-designed and built dust collector will:

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Improve Air Quality

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Reduce workers’ exposure to hazardous particulates

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Eliminate random releases of dust into the air

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reduce Fire and Explosion Hazards

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Improve productivity Through Ease-Of-maintenance

A Dust Collector for Any Need

Our first step in engineering and designing an industrial dust collector is seeking to understand your goals and needs. During an on-site visit, we’ll examine the building’s configuration to determine ductwork, hoods and dust collector installation. We may also conduct an air flow analysis. With project scope complete, we collaborate with you to create a plan for your new or upgraded dust collection system.

We offer several types of systems:

Baghouse Dust Collectors

Your baghouse will be designed according to regulatory discharge rates, particulate type, explosion protection guidelines, the size and type of your facility and air-to-cloth ratios.

Mechanical Separation Filtration

If you need to remove heavy particulate from the air, we will customize the device to fit your application. Our mechanical separation devices include classifiers, cyclone dust collectors and drop-out boxes.

Cartridge Dust Collectors

When you need to capture fine, dry dust or smoke, your best option may be a cartridge dust collector that features a large filter area relative to its size.

Fume Collectors

If you need to ventilate noxious fumes, you’ll require a specific solution, like a fume collector that includes scrubbers and fume hoods, to rid your facility of these hazardous airborne particulates (HAPs).

Baghouse dust collector installation

Dust Collection Problems Solved

Unique challenges. Every project has them. They fuel our engineers and designers to find solutions that work. A few examples:

A foundry customer required a 30,000-cfm dust collector that was to be located in the center of the plant. Dropping it through the roof with a large crane wasn’t feasible, nor was there adequate room to bring large pieces into the facility. To install, we broke it into 5-foot and 10-foot pieces and built it in place.

Another foundry customer needed to squeeze a 40,000-cfm dust collector for a small facility with limited available space. Rather than taking up valuable floor space, the IVI engineering and design team took the baghouse just outside the plant, installing the collector around a doorway.

A large industrial customer needed a very large system, but the factory had no room for dust collector installation. The IVI engineering and design team looked overhead, calculated load weights and determined the baghouse could be installed on the roof.

Are you ready to improve air quality, efficiency and maintenance?

Contact us to get started on an industrial dust collector designed specifically for you.

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