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Metal Fabrication

Industrial ventilation ductwork main with multiple branch lines, support steel and access doors

A Metal Fabrication Company That Tests the Limits

Perhaps you need to replace ductwork within your facility. Or, you need a new storage tank. Or, you need hundreds of precisely cut components. No matter how large or small, if it’s made of metal, we’re on it. IVI, Inc., is a metal fabrication company that sees nearly limitless opportunities to deliver exactly what you need. If what you’d like is still only a spark in your imagination, our metal fabrication design team can take your direction and bring that idea to life.

So, go ahead and test our limits. Bring us the part that needs to be replaced, a drawing with exact specifications or simply your idea—we’ll respond with unmatched craftsmanship.

Fabricator welding ductwork

Metal Fabricated Your Way

If you were to ask us what we’ve formed from metal, you might be surprised. With roots in industrial dust collection, we have a long history of fabricating ductwork and stacks. And, that’s not all. Our factory metal fabricators have also crafted everything from countertops and awnings to fire truck tanks and vats using unique forming and welding expertise with a variety of metals.

While we will tackle just about any metal fabrication project,
our primary products include:

Industrial ventilation ductwork


Our ductwork fabrication has ranged from one-inch diameter to systems so large, they had to be shipped in pieces.

Installing structural steel

Structural steel

If you have a large-scale factory ventilation or material handling project, our structural steel fabrication team takes your project from design to build and installation.

Delivering storage tank

Storage tanks and sand silos

When you need to store your product or when your product needs to be protected from moisture, extreme temperatures and contaminants, our storage tank fabrication has you covered.

Material handling belt conveyor

Material handling

If your business relies on material handling systems, you know efficiency is key. Maintain that efficiency with our material handling fabrication of bucket elevators, chutes, mixers and more.

Laser cutting sheet metal

Fabricating with Laser Precision

When your project demands precise cuts and a fast turnaround, our laser cutting capabilities are up for the challenge. Whether you need a small run of prototypes or large-volume components, our laser cutter delivers precise parts at lightning speed. Plus, our laser cutter handles most grades and alloys of metals. While mild and stainless steel are most common, we’re also skilled in aluminum fabrication, copper fabrication and brass fabrication.

Whether the component you need is simple or intricately designed, our team of innovative designers will provide a cost-effective solution, fast.

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