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Custom Baghouse Dust Collector Systems

Industrial outdoor baghouses with ductwork attached

Your Unique Challenges, Accepted.

Your dust collection need is like no other. The combination of your facility’s shape, size, production process and particulate capture needs make you unique. That’s why your baghouse dust collector system should be more than an off-the-shelf design. While our team uses knowledge gained from past projects, we also see your dust collection challenges as yours alone, delivering a baghouse dust collector system that fits your facility’s individual industrial ventilation needs.

No matter if your manufacturing process produces a fine dust, a wet and heavy dust, or a fume, you can rest easy knowing that your new baghouse dust collector system can get the job done efficiently.

Our baghouse dust collector systems feature:

Baghouse dust collector

Baghouses Engineered with You in Mind

Baghouse dust collector system design can be complex—you may be challenged by a particularly light or heavy dust, or you may need to fit a large system into an already cramped facility. That’s why we bring a diverse team to ensure we have considered every aspect of engineering and design that will go into your project.

If your facility lacks space, our structural engineers will determine the feasibility of locating a baghouse dust collector system on a raised platform or even a roof. If you need hood design and layout, our mechanical designers and engineers have the expertise to help you determine the correct placement. Our team excels in total dust collection system design.

IVI Baghouse Industrial Ventilation Installation

A timelapse of hard work and dedication – watch the construction of a 100,000 CFM dust collector assembly in Charlotte, SC come together piece by piece.

Custom baghouse dust collector

A Baghouse for Any Location

Designing and building for your circumstances creates opportunity. As a baghouse manufacturer, we have built and installed baghouses that were located indoors, outdoors, at grade level, elevated and on greenfield sites.

Installing a baghouse dust collector

Heavy-duty Baghouse Dust Collector System Design

Quite often, when our baghouse dust collector systems are delivered onsite, customers comment on their heavy-duty construction. We don’t reserve this rugged design only for certain customers. For us, it’s standard practice. Compared to most baghouse manufacturing, IVI, Inc. builds with materials that are one gauge thicker and with a skeleton of angle iron spaced six inches closer to each other for extra stiffening. This means you’ll get a stronger box that can better handle high pressures. We finish it with structural steel legs that that can withstand wind load or—if needed for your location—seismic loads.


Baghouse dust collector

Keeping You in Compliance

Likewise, the IVI, Inc. baghouse manufacturing design and engineering team will work with you to ensure your baghouse meets or exceeds local, state and federal standards and regulations, including:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • Local environmental authorities


Safety and Compliance Met with Fume Collectors, RTOs and More

If your manufacturing process emits noxious fumes, you understand the risks to your employees and the environment. A contaminant that is tacky or moist will likely plug traditional baghouse dust collector systems. Look to IVI, Inc. to provide fume collectors, RTOs and other devices to ensure your team’s safety and stay in compliance of air quality standards.

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