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Mine Ventilation Systems

Mechanical separator installed before baghouse inlet to separate heavy particulate matter to extend bag filter life

Meet MSHA Ventilation Requirements for Above-Ground Mines

If your business is in above-ground mining operations, you’re no stranger to working in a tough environment. The abrasive dust from your process takes its toll on dust collectors and mine ventilation systems while material handling equipment takes a beating. At IVI, our MSHA-certified team designs, fabricates and installs durable, long-lasting dust collectors and material handling equipment. Skip the hassles and get it all from one vendor.

Industrial baghouse at a mining site

Mining Ventilation From a MSHA-trained Team

In a heavy industry like mining, you want confidence your dust collector will deliver. Mining operations in precious metals, frac sand, iron ore, lime and other materials rely on productivity with little downtime. We’ll bring to your project:

  • A team trained in MSHA ventilation requirements
  • A history of successful projects in mining ventilation systems
  • Engineers who are known for innovative solutions
  • Wear-resistant equipment fabricated with materials that provide longer life
Installing industrial ventilation at a mining site

Taking on Silica

Where there is mining, there is often a need for silica dust collection. And, we have a track record for helping companies comply with the stringent silica standard. Our engineers and designers help you determine—and our software helps you visualize—where silica is being generated.

Quite often, silica exposure is exacerbated by the lack of a makeup air system. As your ventilation system takes air out of your plant, it needs to be replaced with fresh, clean air. Without a makeup air system, your building will find this air, usually through doors and cracks. This creates a high-velocity draft that when mixed with particulate on floors and equipment worsens silica exposure. While most plants lack a makeup air system, at IVI, we’ve seen their benefits firsthand.  

Armed with insight about your above-ground mine, we’ll design, fabricate and install dust collectors, ductwork and hoods that meet MSHA ventilation requirements, last longer and are easy to maintain.

Storage tank for mining

Material Handling Fabrication

Your mining process needs more than reliable dust collection. It also needs rugged material handling equipment. With decades of metal fabrication experience, the IVI team designs and builds bucket elevators, belt conveyors, storage tanks and material transfer chutes. Our material handling fabrication team isn’t about one-size-fits-all. We will build equipment that matches your process and material type.

Mining Ventilation Systems from
One Company

We’re more than a mining ventilation systems manufacturer. If you’re looking for a ventilation and fabrication partner for your above-ground mine, contact us.

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