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Foundry Dust Collection

Mechanical separator installed before baghouse inlet to separate heavy particulate matter to extend bag filter life

Deep Industry Roots Drive Better Solutions

Respirable crystalline silica dust. Carbon monoxide. Heat. It can be a toxic combination. And it makes meeting air quality standards and keeping your workers safe especially challenging in a foundry. You need a foundry dust collection system that can do the job and stand up to what can be a harsh environment. Enter IVI. Our company has its roots in the foundry industry. Thanks to years of first-hand industry knowledge, we understand the complexity of foundry industrial ventilation systems. For you, that means the best possible solution for a cleaner, healthier environment.

Foundry baghouse

Foundry Dust Collection Design and Fabrication

Dust collection is not the same across every foundry. That’s why we start each project with a set of requirements, not a pre-existing drawing. No square peg, round hole approach here. We get to know your exact process and needs before designing and building a dust collector or system just for you. Of course, all our foundry dust collectors have these non-negotiables—compliance with NFPA, EPA and OSHA standards. To help you meet those standards and provide the best possible environment for your team, we will design, build and install:

  • Dust collectors and process air systems for any foundry process
  • Shakeout enclosures and collection hoods
  • Melt department hoods
  • Mold pouring and cooling hoods
  • Exhaust stacks, tanks and structural steel
Installing a foundry dust collector

See the Design Difference

Our design and engineering team can show you how a well-designed foundry dust collection system can make a difference in your foundry. How? With our mastery of 3D system design and computational fluid dynamics modeling—what we call IVI Flo—you can have confidence that your dust collector will meet capture efficiencies and our system will fit in your foundry layout. See it all before anything is built—and long before it’s installed. That means better air quality and energy efficiency, less rework and fewer costly mistakes.

Foundry dust collector

Built Tough to Last

Between silica dust collection and intense heat, your foundry dust collector, ductwork and other metal components can take a beating. You can’t settle for poor design. Our fabrication team responds with collectors and components made of heavy-duty, thicker-gauge steel. What that means for you—a system that will last longer and perform better.

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