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Industrial Ventilation Maintenance

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Keeping Your System Running for the Long Haul

Installing a baghouse or entire industrial ventilation system is a significant investment—one you need to last for the long haul. That’s where industrial ventilation maintenance comes in. At IVI, Inc., we design maintenance plans to both extend equipment life and save you money in the long run. Well-maintained equipment runs efficiently and experiences less downtime. Regular maintenance also ensures your system keeps you in compliance with air quality standards.

While conducting annual system and dust collector maintenance is acceptable in most cases, we also offer monthly or quarterly maintenance plans for systems in environments with heavy wear and tear, frequent plugging in the ducts or other issues.

Dust Collector Maintenance: When to Make the Call

Think of dust collector maintenance like your home HVAC system—the system needs regular maintenance to ensure you aren’t left without heat or air during extreme temperatures. The same holds true for your industrial ventilation system. Quite often, by the time we get a maintenance call, the system is no longer working properly, leaving the customer with a highly inefficient system that is likely no longer keeping them in compliance with air quality regulations.

Indoor Air Quality Survey → Regular Maintenance

One of the services we offer to determine whether industrial ventilation systems are running effectively is an indoor air quality survey. This survey involves testing and balancing as well as a full evaluation complete with data that provides details on one or more sources that may be causing systems to run inefficiently. More often than not, the air quality evaluation’s outcome includes a plan for regular maintenance.


Industrial Ventilation System and Dust Collector Maintenance Checklist

When asked to conduct industrial ventilation maintenance, we bring along an extensive checklist to analyze every part of your system. Some of the items on our checklist include:

  • Inspecting ductwork for wear and plugging
  • Ensuring fan belts are tensioned properly
  • Performing a baghouse leak test
  • Inspecting collection points for puffing or dusting
  • Ensuring gauges are calibrated within acceptable operating range

Keep Equipment Running Longer

Regular industrial ventilation maintenance is key to a long-last dust collection system. Contact us today to learn more about maintenance plans for your industrial ventilation system.

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