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Industry Solutions

Mechanical separator installed before baghouse inlet to separate heavy particulate matter to extend bag filter life

Industrial Ventilation Systems for Foundries, Mining, Paper, Silica and More

When you are planning a new industrial ventilation system, you want a partner that understands more than dust and fumes. You need them to understand your production process to deliver a system that works efficiently for years to come. We hire for industry experience, so we can bring industry knowledge to your project—from foundry to pulp and paper, mining, silica and beyond.

Structural steel stack

Effective Solutions No Matter Your Industry

Dust and fumes. If those are a byproduct of your production process, you need a reliable industrial ventilation system that meets regulatory standards, keeps your employees safe, and helps control maintenance and housekeeping costs. We have the expertise to design, build and install these systems for your industry.

Concerned about meeting government and environmental standards? No problem. We are well-versed in OSHA, MSHA, EPA and state regulations.

Foundry Dust Collection

Extracting silica dust—along with other foundry-generated airborne contaminants—can be complicated. With roots in the foundry industry, IVI is up for the challenge. We design baghouses and dust collection systems with thicker-gauge steel construction that stand up to harsh foundry environments.

Mine Ventilation Systems

Above-ground mining operations put wear and tear on dust collectors and ductwork. Our MSHA-trained designers and engineers build equipment that withstands abrasion to last longer.

Pulp and Paper Dust Collection

Excessive dust can cause headaches, and hazards. With a team that is well-versed in pulp and paper dust collection, we’ll build industrial ventilation equipment that will eliminate process hazards like fires and help keep your housekeeping to a minimum.

Silica Dust Collection

Being in the business of manufacturing silica-based products like glass, ceramics, shingles and more means complying with a strict silica standard. By partnering with IVI engineers, you’ll feel confident it’s a standard you can meet.

Other Industries

We’ve also built factory dust collection systems for the automotive, food processing, grain ethanol, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutical and wood/nature-based product industries.

Industrial baghouse at a mining site

Technology Fuels Our Innovation

Installing an industrial ventilation system is a big investment—of time and money. When dust collectors and systems are installed, you need them to work reliably for years to come. Enter IVI’s design and engineering team. With the use of industry software, along with our R&D test lab, the team delivers the best solution, first. That means a more efficient, streamlined process for you with fewer redesigns and better use of fabricated parts.

Ready for a New System?

From three locations in Wisconsin, the Carolinas and Oklahoma, we work with industries throughout the United States. Contact us if you’re ready for a new or updated industrial ventilation system.

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