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Commitment to Workplace Safety

Wire-feed welding on vertical strikes for vortex shedding

Our Shared Goal: Accident-free Dust Collection Installation

Injuries. Property damage. Environmental hazards. It goes without saying that none of these are when an installation crew is at your site. At IVI, Inc., we strive to have an injury and incident free workplace.  We do this with quarterly safety training for all staff, daily Safety Task Analysis reviews and positive reinforcement of safe behaviors. With our commitment to workplace and environmental safety, you can feel confident our installation team will leave your site the way they found it, or better. And we work hard to ensure everyone—your team and ours—returns home safely.

Crew installation of foundry ventilation

A Full Team Commitment

When we arrive at your site, our installation team will be led by a project manager or field supervisor who oversees every aspect of the project. While these supervisors are responsible for ensuring the install is conducted safely, we make it clear that safety is everyone’s responsibility—from employees to sub-contractors and vendors. Employees go through rigorous training on proper procedures, equipment operation and environmental hazards so as not to injure themselves, others, the general public or the environment.

Installing industrial stack with Charlotte. NC, in background

Keeping Our Environment the Way We Found It

IVI, Inc.’s safety commitment extends to protecting the health of our workers and our environment. In our facilities and on your worksite, we comply with all applicable federal, state and local requirements that govern worker health and safety, as well as the environment. As industrial ventilation system manufacturers, we specialize in knowing the stringent environmental regulations that guide the design and fabrication of our dust collection products.

Wire-feed welding on vertical strikes for vortex shedding

Our Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Program

We’ve developed a Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Program aimed at rewarding behaviors that reduce incidents, whether we’re doing metal fabrication in our facilities or installation onsite in foundries, mines or pulp and paper manufacturing facilities. Thanks to this program, our workplace and worksites are safer, which drives us to build better products more efficiently.

Here’s how it works:

  • Commitment and involvement start with the leadership team, which prioritizes safety in all we do.
  • Our safety department oversees the program’s implementation.
  • Site-specific safety plans are built into every project.
  • Supervisors participate in safety training on OSHA and MSHA standards, rules and regulations regarding compliance and safety/loss prevention.
  • We continuously communicate to all employees regarding safety, health and environmental concerns and updates.
  • We conduct regular audits of potential hazards, unsafe working conditions, unsafe acts and other factors that could lead to an accident.
  • Our safety committee, which includes members of the leadership team, promptly and thoroughly investigates accidents to identify the root cause and take immediate corrective action.
  • We reinforce positive safety behaviors.

Work with Us

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