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Ventilation Testing and Balancing

Designer working with 3D modeling software

The IVI Dust Collector Test, Passed

Installing a dust collector or industrial ventilation system is a significant investment. When you want to make sure the dust collection system can do its job efficiently and effectively, installation is not the final step. At IVI, Inc., we put your new equipment to the test before we leave your facility.

Our engineers conduct system ventilation testing and balancing on all components. It’s a pass-fail exam. With a passing grade, you can be assured your equipment will last longer, ultimately saving energy and gaining operational efficiencies.

Ventilation testing in an R&D test cell

How the Ventilation and Dust Collector Test Works

Design and engineering are important first steps in building a dust collection system to match your company’s needs. Our engineering team comes full circle once installation is complete to ensure the system matches design goals. During the ventilation testing and balancing process, we:

  • Engage your new system to simulate normal operating conditions
  • Perform traverse air readings on all ductwork
  • Install necessary blast gates or orifices throughout the system to ensure correct air flow
  • Plug reading holes for easy future access once airflow modifications are complete
Testing and balancing gauge

Testing for Leaks with IVI TraceAir

Once your collector is installed, we inject a fluorescent dye powder into the air stream. It coats the baghouse interior. We then turn off the fan, and using a black light, we carefully examine the clean air side for any trace of color.

The result: We can quickly and easily identify—and correct—any leaks.

Conducting a pressure test

IVI ProtectAir Extends Filter Life

Before baghouse filters are taken into full production, we ensure an initial “cake” is built on them using our pre-coating compound, IVI ProtectAir. Internal caking provides a significant amount of air filtering, helping increase baghouse efficiency and filter life.

After this initial caking, we can provide you with a regular induction system to slowly feed IVI ProtectAir into the baghouse to combat against excessive cleaning and decreased filtration.

Conducting an air flow test

The Dust Collector Test for Air Systems Evaluation

When we are asked to conduct an air flow analysis, that process starts with ventilation testing and balancing. If you’ve had an air quality test that is showing high particulate levels in your facility, ask us about our air systems evaluation.

Do you have questions about ventilation testing and balancing?

Contact us to ask about our dust collector testing process or to have your system tested.

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