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About IVI, Inc.

Wire-feed welding on vertical strikes for vortex shedding

Moving Industrial Ventilation and Metal Fabrication Forward

Recognizing an opportunity and taking it. That entrepreneurial spirit is how IVI, Inc., got its start in 1993. Changing environmental attitudes led to The Clean Air Act of 1990, sparking the realization that manufacturers needed to install or upgrade industrial ventilation systems to comply with new regulations. And this industrial ventilation manufacturer was born.

Today, that entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA, helping us see opportunities for our customers. In industrial ventilation and metal fabrication, we find ways to do what others can’t or won’t. Using the latest technology, we are driven to solve your dust collection and metal fab problems. That drive keeps us moving forward, so you move forward, too.

IVI, Inc. pickup truck

Industrial Ventilation for Foundries, Paper, Silica and More

IVI, Inc. traces its roots to foundries, the industry that delivers the ultimate test for effective industrial ventilation design. The IVI design and engineering team built its compliance muscles by finding ways to extract harsh foundry silica dust and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). We took what we knew and used that experience to develop air quality solutions for a wide range of industries.

Mechanical designer working at computer

Design, Engineering and Fabrication Ingenuity

Our team of designers as well as mechanical, environmental and civil engineers innovates to deliver dust collection solutions built just for you. With our knowledge of OSHA, MSHA, EPA and state regulations, we are confident we can help you meet these standards and improve your factory environment.

Industrial stacks

A Dust Collector Manufacturer with Metal Fabrication Expertise

Our know-how doesn’t stop there. While we grew as an industrial ventilation system manufacturer, we have quickly become known for our metal fabrication craftsmanship. From stacks and access platforms to precisely laser cut parts, if you need a component made from metal, we can fabricate it.

IVI Project Scope Guide

Project Scope Guide

Creating your industrial ventilation project just got easier! Our project scope guide helps to assess needs, define goals, establish timelines, identify resources, address challenges, determine costs, and specify deliverables and exclusions so you can get the job done right.

Storage tank for mining

Our Promise to You

  • A collaborative, team-based approach to problem-solving
  • Technology-based solutions created through engineering innovation
  • A single source for design, engineering, fabrication and installation
  • Guaranteed operation with complete life-cycle maintenance

At IVI, Inc., Our Core Values Drive Us Forward

Our five core values are the basis for the decisions we make and relationships we build.
They are what motivates us to do what others can’t or won’t.


Practice safety here, so you can enjoy your life outside of work.


Always build relationships. Always build trust.


Move fast enough to stay ahead, slow enough to do quality work.

Different Perspectives

Embrace varying points of view to find the best solution.

Can-do Spirit

Work hard for success and find a way to get it done.

We’ll Move You Forward

If you’d like to move forward with a smart industrial ventilation or metal fabrication solution from IVI, Inc., contact us today.

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