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Mechanical separator installed before baghouse inlet to separate heavy particulate matter to extend bag filter life

Industrial Dust Collection, No Matter Your Industry

If your production process leads to indoor air quality concerns, our IVI, Inc. team can develop an industrial dust collection solution for you. No matter your industry, you can count on our decades of experience designing, fabricating and installing baghouses and dust collection systems. As a company that got its start in foundry dust collection, a notoriously tough environment, we’ve built on this experience to deliver solutions to myriad industries, including mining, pulp and paper, and more. If you’re ready for more effective factory dust collection, we’re ready to get started.

Baghouse dust collector for an automotive plant

Automotive Industry – Factory Dust Collection

In the automotive industry, minimizing downtime keeps you in the game. Whether you’re a welding, painting or testing facility, you need a reliable dust collection system that’s easy to maintain. That’s where IVI shines. Our products are built to last and effectively disperse smoke, fumes and dust. And if your space is a showcase for tours, our fabricators will ensure your system components look as good as they perform.

Food Processing Plants – Food-grade Dust Collection

Your customers and consumers depend on you to deliver a safe product with uncompromised quality. That’s why you depend on a food-grade dust collector that meets stringent demands. You have zero tolerance for components with cracks, gaps or uneven weld seams. Our fabricators are up for the challenge. We’ve built food-grade dust collectors for processing powdered drinks, dairy products, seafood and more. Our engineers are adept at choosing food-grade components and our stainless-steel fabricators grind welds to a perfectly smooth finish.

Industrial ventilation for grain and ethanol

Grain Ethanol – Grain Dust Collection

Grain dust collection systems for ethanol have two requirements: The components need to be robust and meet rigorous fabrication requirements. With a depth of knowledge in foundries and mining, we can build you a system that stands up to corn’s abrasion while maintaining the fabrication precision your industry demands. Not only do we meet these challenges, but others in the grain ethanol industry note IVI’s knowledge goes beyond grain dust collection systems. We also know and follow your stringent safety guidelines—whether it be in PPE requirements or team training.

Rubber and Slitting – Industrial Dust Collection

Fine rubber dust can be a threat to your employees and your facility. Your operation requires a dust collector that withstands your harsh environment. We bring what we have learned in foundry dust collection and hood design to the rubber industry, delivering a system that matches your heavy industrial requirements. At the same time, rubber dust also poses a fire hazard, so we come armed with combustible dust knowledge and a commitment to safety when we design the system that will mitigate your risk.

Baghouse dust collector for plastics

Plastics and Film – Industrial Dust Collection

Soles of shoes. Straws and lids for the fast-food industry. Tape. These products use plastics in their manufacturing process—and we’ve built a dust collector for these and more. We know the biggest threat to your facility is combustible dust. With safety at the top of your priorities, we’ll design an industrial dust collection system that mitigates the risk of a combustible dust explosion. From assessing your risk to designing a dust collector specifically for your process to helping you develop a preventive maintenance plan, we help ensure your people and your facility stay safe.

Wood/Nature-based Products – Industrial Wood Dust Collection

Wood dust and chips are hard on equipment. And burn easily. You need an industrial wood dust collector that doesn’t leave hazard-causing particulate behind yet stands up to wood’s abrasive characteristics. IVI dust collectors are built tough with higher-gauge materials than what comes standard on other equipment. That means you can rely on your industrial wood dust collector and ductwork to last while working efficiently to keep housekeeping at a minimum.

Get Started on Your Factory Dust Collection

Are you concerned about indoor air quality, combustible dust or excessive maintenance on your industrial dust collection system? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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