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Air Flow Analysis

Designer working with 3D modeling software

CFD Modeling for Dust Collection Systems

Installing a dust collection system is a significant investment. You need to know that the system you install is efficiently capturing particulate, keeping you in compliance and reducing both maintenance and housekeeping. If meeting that goal means testing a new concept or idea, we’ll first vet it using air flow analysis, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling we call IVI Flo. No high-cost trials here. Instead, we use air flow modeling to keep costs in check.

CFD Analysis Services for Existing Industrial Ventilation Systems

At IVI, Inc., our engineers also use CFD modeling to pinpoint issues with existing systems. If you’re searching for CFD analysis services, IVI has an advantage when it comes to dust collection. We use it only for industrial ventilation, pairing the analysis with deep industry knowledge to bring you solutions others simply can’t deliver.

Computer drawing of air flow analysis

Air Flow Modeling: Visualizing Opportunity

When we conduct an air flow simulation—whether on a concept or existing system—we see opportunities to improve before finalizing designs. Likewise, we tap air flow simulations to show you what needs to be corrected—and how to do so—in your current system.

What We See in Industrial Ventilation CFD Modeling

An air flow analysis gives us a clear window into every point of a dust collection system. We can see:

  • High velocity points and potential abrasion issues in ductwork
  • The air flow distribution in the face of the hood
  • Areas where high temperatures could tax the system

Air Flow Analysis Examples

Computer model of air flow plot

CFD Analysis Services from IVI

There’s no doubt—CFD modeling produces attention-grabbing images. Moving from attention-grabbing to action-producing takes expertise. We take the GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) out of air flow modeling. Because our engineers and designers specialize in using CFD modeling for industrial ventilation, we know what input data will get the results needed. That gives you confidence your dust collection system will work at maximum efficiency for the long haul.

Air Flow Modeling for Industrial Ventilation

Do you have concerns about your dust collection system not working properly? Ask us how our CFD modeling analysis can help.

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