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Industrial Ventilation Installation

Baghouse section assembly during installation phase of plant expansion

Installing Dust Collection Systems with Less Downtime

Field installation crews are welcome sign of what’s to come—new, more efficient equipment and systems that may drive improved air quality, support growth and reduce costs. But when the installation results in extended downtime, anticipation quickly turns to frustration. At IVI, we’ve designed our sheet metal installation process to avoid that frustration, with thoughtful pre-planning before our industrial ventilation installation crew arrives at your site. Whether we are installing dust collectors, ductwork or an exhaust stack, you can feel confident we’ll maximize your time with a managed crew that works efficiently and safely to get the job done, fast.

Installing a stack with Charlotte, NC, skyline in background

Dust Collector Installation, No Crew Management Required

Your typical day probably goes like this: ensuring your production process flows smoothly, your product meets quality standards and customer deadlines are met. So, when an installation crew arrives, managing it can be your nemesis.

That won’t happen with IVI.

IVI projects are led by a project manager, field foreman or supervisor who will manage the installation and collaborate with you and your team to minimize downtime. Team leadership is based on the size of your project. And, if you prefer to hire your own project manager, our team will gladly collaborate with them on the installation process.

Installing a baghouse dust collector

IVI Installation Process

Any industrial ventilation installation takes attention to detail. While you focus on maximizing production, we conduct thoughtful preparation and pre-planning before we arrive at your site. Our installation process is led by long-term, trained crews who follow a comprehensive process for all jobs—from installation of ductwork and structural steel components to dust collector installation.

  • Before installation, the project lead assigns personnel and ensures the necessary equipment and machinery has arrived at your site.
  • While onsite, the crew references detailed drawings developed by our engineering and design team to install systems and equipment to your exact specifications.
  • Throughout the process, project managers oversee each step of the installation process to ensure the project is kept within budget and completed on time.



Crew installation of foundry ventilation

Safety is Job One

Anytime someone new visits your production facility, you remain vigilant to ensure they follow your safety procedures. When an entire installation crew arrives, the concern for everyone’s safety—yours and theirs—is heightened. Our crews bring with them peace of mind. Every day in the field, the foreman and crew complete a Safety Task Analysis in which they:

  • Review tasks that need to be completed that day
  • Assess potential dangers and determine how to eliminate hazards
  • Analyze necessary PPE
  • Discuss safety topics and training needs

With this approach, you can rest assured we have a plan to meet safety rules and regulations while we visit your site.

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