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Indoor Air Quality Survey

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Air Quality Issues Detected, Solved

Maybe you’ve conducted air quality testing that uncovered issues with your dust collection system. Perhaps you know an issue exists but haven’t been able to pinpoint the source. Or maybe it’s time to evaluate your process air system to ensure it’s working properly. What’s your next step? A call to IVI, Inc. If you know contaminant is getting into the air your employees breathe or just want to make sure the air is clear, we can help. We’ll conduct an air systems evaluation and trace problems to their source. Using the results of the indoor air quality survey, we’ll develop the plan to correct them.

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Our First Step: Testing

Contaminants polluting your indoor air can come from many sources in your manufacturing process. To help you determine which aspects of your dust collection system are working effectively, we often begin with a test. Our preferred indoor air quality survey strategy is to start with ventilation testing and balancing.

Ventilation Testing and Balancing Checklist

Our ventilation testing and balancing checklist involves:

  • Taking air readings throughout the ductwork
  • Checking air pressure
  • Testing for leaks throughout your baghouse dust collector system
  • Measuring fan performance

Using the results, we can begin your air system evaluation.

Next: Data and Recommendations

If your air systems evaluation ended at testing and balancing, you would receive a one-page synopsis of our findings. But, in an evaluation, we coalesce that data and compare it to industry standards. Then, drawing on our depth of knowledge—and keeping the health of your employees in mind—we develop a comprehensive report of findings, along with our recommendations for ensuring employees are breathing the cleanest air possible. Final reports–which often reach 60 pages or more–detail your dust collection system’s performance, compare that performance to industry benchmarks and offer recommendations for closing any gaps between your facility’s current state and air quality goals.

Air Systems Evaluation: Why IVI

You have options when searching for air systems evaluation providers. IVI brings dust collection expertise to every survey. Because we design dust collection systems, our engineers are well-equipped to identify inefficiencies. With in-house dust collection systems expertise and necessary testing equipment on hand, IVI customers often report cost-savings as well. Plus, we can efficiently deliver recommendations to get your dust collection system back on track.

Schedule an Air Systems Evaluation

Whether you have dust collection system issues or just want peace of mind, we’re ready to help with an indoor air quality survey. Contact us today.

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