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Cartridge Dust Collectors

Industrial outdoor baghouses with ductwork attached

Cartridge Collectors Banish Fine Dust, Fumes

If your manufacturing process produces a fine, dry particulate or fume, a cartridge dust collector may be the best option for improving air quality. And, if you need to fit a dust collector in a small space, cartridge collectors are compact, helping you maintain air quality standards—even in tight quarters. At IVI, Inc., we can help you choose the best dust collector, based on your process and facility. Because our team is experienced in designing, fabricating and installing collectors and entire systems, you can source from one supplier, saving you time and resources in the long run.

Cartridge dust collector

The Best Fit for Cartridge Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors are suitable for dry, fine dust and fumes because they have a large filter area in proportion to their size. And because the filters have deep pleats that allow for greater air flow, the collectors can be installed in small spaces and still efficiently remove dust and fumes. Another plus? The collector’s compact size means you won’t need to climb inside to change filters—this maintenance task can be completed while standing outside the collector.

So, if you have a small space or are looking to isolate the waste stream for individual products, cartridge collectors are ideal.

The IVI Difference

At IVI, we use heavier-gauge metal than you’ll find with most other cartridge dust collectors. We also build them in a vertical orientation rather than horizontal. We believe a vertical orientation provides better abrasion resistance and reduces the load on the cartridges. It also allows dust to drop into the hopper before reaching the filters.

Blue cartridge dust collector for foundry blast machine on outside of industrial building

Where to Use Cartridge Collectors

Cartridge collectors are the preferred dust collector on systems with:

  • Contamination lower than 100 parts per million
  • Contamination levels lower than .01% in weight

While cartridge collectors are most often used in grinding dust collection or welding dust collection, many other industries and processes use them:

  • Foundry blasting
  • Metal fabrication
  • Powder dust collection
  • Food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical dust collection

Effects of Moisture

Those same pleats that are so efficient at capturing fine particulate make them a poor choice for moist particulate. When moisture mixes with the fine dust, it impairs the filter’s ability to allow for air flow. The result is often bags that become plugged, making them difficult to clean and maintain.

If moisture is present in your process or facility, we will help you choose the best dust collector for your needs.

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Does your manufacturing process emit a fine, dry dust or fume? You may be ready for a cartridge dust collector. Contact us to get started.

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