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Industrial Ductwork

Industrial ventilation ductwork main with multiple branch lines, support steel and access doors

Duct Fabricators Who Know Dust Collection, Start to Finish

When it comes to ductwork fabrication, it’s not one size fits all. Industrial ductwork that is made to carry dust has specific features that help ensure ducts maintain the correct airflow and resist wear and tear. So, when you’re searching for duct fabricators for your dust collection system, your choice should be a team that understands every aspect of industrial ventilation. At IVI, our knowledge of dust collection systems runs deep. So, we’ll design and fabricate ductwork that matches your system needs.

Whether you need ductwork as small as one-inch diameter or so large it needs to be shipped in multiple pieces, our design and fabrication teams will ensure the ductwork keeps your dust collection system performing at maximum efficiency.

Industrial ductwork

Industrial Ductwork: Meeting Air with Little Resistance

Ductwork that carries airborne contaminants is an essential part of any dust collection system. For dust collectors to work effectively, air moving through ducts should meet with as little resistance as possible, either from turbulence or friction.

Moving Air at the Right Speed

When designing dust collection systems, we ensure dust moves through ductwork at the right speed. Air that moves too slowly will cause dust to settle in ductwork, eventually clogging it. Air that moves too fast may cause excessive abrasion throughout the ductwork—not to mention wasted energy and potential noise issues.

Industrial ductwork

Ductwork for Dust 101

As we plan for sheet metal ductwork fabrication, we keep design standards and considerations in mind. We also ensure all ductwork meets or exceeds Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s National Association codes and standards. To do so, we’ve:

  • Designed and fabricated various ductwork shapes, recognizing round ducts minimize turbulence better than rectangular
  • Prioritized gradual turns and bends, making angles greater than 90 degrees to reduce airflow resistance.
  • Engineered gradual changes in duct diameter to reduce friction and turbulence.
  • Created smooth, leak-free duct joints so that dust doesn’t accumulate in seams or escape.
Industrial ventilation ductwork main with multiple branch lines, support steel and access doors

Industrial Ductwork Materials

We’ve built ductwork for all types of industries—foundries, pulp and paper, mining and more. We also build and install ductwork for specialized equipment, such as regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs). Depending upon your need and type of dust, we’ll choose the right material for your industrial ductwork fabrication:

  • Hot or cold rolled steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • AR400 steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel


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If you are installing or upgrading industrial ductwork that will carry dust or other particulates, choose ductwork fabricators who have knowledge to meet and exceed your design and compliance standards.

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