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Industrial Storage Tanks & Sand Silos

Industrial ventilation ductwork main with multiple branch lines, support steel and access doors

Cost-effective Products from an In-house Fab Team

If you’re looking for an industrial storage tank or sand silo, you may not think a company known for industrial ventilation can answer the call. IVI can. That’s because we’re also known for our metal fabrication and structural engineering expertise, especially in large-scale projects like dust collectors and stacks. Storage tank and sand silo fabrication is a natural extension of the engineering and fabrication we already do.

Fabricating a storage tank

Steel Storage Tanks, Sand Silos Made In-House

Our above-ground steel storage tanks and sand silos are made in-house. No need to outsource here. For you, that means we retain our high-quality standards. It also means you’ll get a cost-effective product with a faster turnaround because we fabricate in all three of our U.S. locations.

Why IVI for Your Storage Tank Manufacturer

If you need to store sand, resin, pellets, dust or other materials, we’ll design and build the size you need and for the product you plan to store. We’ve built tanks and silos up to 15 feet in diameter in circular, square and rectangular shapes. And, while most of the tanks and silos we build are made with mild steel, we also fabricate in stainless-steel and Hastelloy®, a superalloy that can withstand high-temperature, corrosive environments.

More Than Industrial Storage Tank Fabrication

As a build-to-spec manufacturer, we can design and build more than the tanks and silos. Ask us about:

  • Tank supports, including legs, bands and platforms
  • Access stairs
  • Structural steel connections from your facility or between structures

If you need systems to transport material to and from your industrial storage tanks or sand silos, our material handling fabrication team can assist with:

  • Chutes
  • Bucket elevators
  • Conveyors
  • Augers

Skilled Fabricators – Ready to Work with You

If you’re ready for an industrial storage tank or sand silo that’s built to last, contact us. We’ve got a long history of sand silo and steel storage tank fabrication to store sand, liquids and everything in between.

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