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Laser cutting sheet metal

Industrial Exhaust Stack Design [Video]

IVI is a complete design build firm which means we can control the design of the stack, the materials that are selected and the level of fabrication. To learn more, press play below to view “Industrial Exhaust Stack Design.” If you are interested in how IVI can help your business, contact us. Transcript IVI designs and fabricates…

How to Reduce Vortex Shedding [Video]

IVI has design experts to help you reduce the effects of vortex shedding. Structural Engineer Cory Holmes, P.E., explains how to reduce vortex shedding on industrial ventilation stacks.

Industrial Exhaust Stack manufacturers: From Spec to Stack

A significant amount of pre-planning must take place from design and fabrication to installation for exhaust stack manufacturers as part of your industrial dust collection system. Exhaust stack manufacturing is often part of an overall plant model, which determines the volume and exit velocity of air that can be discharged and the minimum elevation for…

Industrial Exhaust Stacks

 IVI has designed, fabricated and installed exhaust stacks for foundries, pollution control, pulp and paper, and automotive industries throughout North America. We are capable of producing stacks of any diameter and height in a variety of steel, including carbon, stainless and HSLA. IVI CAPABILITIES Engineer, manufacture and install any size or dimension stack Engineer and…