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Ecollector Baghouse Series

Industrial outdoor baghouses with ductwork attached

In Dust Collector Comparison, An Economical Alternative

If you are looking for a dependable, economical way to solve dry, free-flowing dust collection issues, consider our Ecollector Baghouse Series. Although these off-the-shelf industrial baghouses are designed for a wide variety of industries, they work well for welding shops and light material handling applications. While you can purchase a turnkey unit that ships as-is, you can also customize this baghouse to fit your specific application and volume of dust.  

And once your Ecollector is built, there is no need to hurry up and wait. We ship most units fully assembled for easy installation.  

Ecollector Standard Features and Custom Options

Ecollector logo

To make our Ecollectors an economical option, we outfit them all with standard features. If you know you need more from your industrial baghouse dust collector than our standard unit, our Ecollectors can be built with one or more optional features. Our team of engineers and designers will collaborate with you to determine how to design your new baghouse to meet your operational goals. 

Standard features: 

  • 3/16-inch tube sheet 
  • Mild steel construction designed for +/- 20-inch wg 
  • Hopper inlet with abrasion-resistant ladder baffles for improved filter life and more uniform loading 
  • Pre-wired pulse system with integral solenoids and double diaphragm pulse valves 
  • Programmable on-demand cleaning cycles 
  • Differential pressure readout 
  • Support legs and mounting frame 
  • Pleated elements or polyester bag filters 

Upgraded options: 

  • 1/4-inch tube sheet 
  • Stainless steel or heavy-duty construction 
  • Heavy-gauge hopper and sidewalls 
  • Heavy-duty stiffening for increased operating pressures 
  • Stair access 
  • Waste handling system 
  • Added fan, clean air duct or stack 
  • Insulated hopper and/or side walls 
  • High-temp or specialty coated bags 
  • Fire/explosion protection 
  • Complete system design with dust collector and ductwork layout 

Ecollector Baghouse Series – Bag Filter

Front View

IVI Ecollector with bag filters front view

Side View

IVI Ecollector with bag filters side view

Ecollector Baghouse Series – Pleated Filter 

Front View

IVI Ecollector with pleated filters front view

Side View

IVI Ecollector with pleated filter side view

Are you looking for an economical industrial baghouse?

Ask us how our Ecollector series might be the answer to your industrial dust collection need.

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