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Who Benefits from an Engineering Study [Video]

Laser cutting sheet metal


There’s a couple reasons why customers should contact us to do these evaluations and what the benefit from those are. After time goes on they realize or they notice that some areas of then plant just seem more dusty or there’s more  smoke than there used to be. That could be that there was a process change. Or secondly, they call us in and we look at the ventilation and we might get into the system doing the evaluation and come to find out that a blast gate or an orifice plate was changed. And the volume that they think that they have at current equipment really isn’t true.

Each branch has to be balanced at the beginning of the system startup and that plays a role at the volume and the static pressure. So as soon as you touch one piece of this entire network, it directly affects every branch. When you’re  changing the volume going to a certain piece of equipment, you could see a lot of dropout in your ductwork. And over time, that material drops out and fills up in your ductwork. You’re adding a lot of weight to a suspended piece of ducting that may or may not have had a hanger properly designed to support that weight.

For us to get in there and see exactly what’s going on with the system and make sure that everything’s clean and clear, each branch has good volume, the fan is operating at a good point in the curve. It all kind of ties together just to make sure that it’s operating the way it should be.