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What is an Engineering Study? [Video]

Laser cutting sheet metal

An industrial ventilation engineering study is essentially an indoor air quality survey that helps detect dust collection problems at their source. Press play below to view “What is an Engineering Study?”

If you’d like to conduct an engineering study at your facility, contact us.

Video Transcript

An engineering study tells us and, more importantly, tells the customer exactly where they’re at with their ventilation.

They may have had a piece of equipment that was installed five, 10 years ago. Over the years they may have added dust collection to other parts of the facility, and they tapped into the main line or they capped a few things off and they really don’t have any idea where the system is currently running. So, without knowing that, most times when they try to add a new piece of equipment that needs ventilation, they just think that they need to add a new dust collector. But by doing these evaluations, it might turn out that they have excess capacity in the current system, and it could save them a lot of money.

A dust collection system is very unique in the way that each branch has to be balanced at the beginning of the system startup. So as soon as you touch one piece of this entire network, it directly affects every branch. For us to get in there and see exactly what’s going on with the system and make sure that everything’s clean and clear, it all ties together just to make sure that it’s operating the way it should be.

It’s kind of like going to the doctor for a yearly checkup—just to make sure that everything’s good and in working order. If there’s anything out of line, you take precautionary steps to fix those items and get you back to where you’re supposed to be.