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Reduce Energy Demands with the Right Industrial Fan

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The efficiency of an industrial ventilation system’s fan can reduce an organization’s overall energy demands significantly.

An industrial fan’s performance depends on the industrial ventilation system’s design and layout, the type of fan selected, the system requirements and proper maintenance of the fan after installation. During the design phase of an industrial ventilation system, the type of fan selected is based on performance requirements. The types of industrial fans and ideal applications are provided in “Fan Selection – Part 1.” “Fan Selection – Part 2” details the primary considerations while selecting the right fan.

Industrial Ventilation System Design

The industrial fan’s performance is maximized when air flows are evenly distributed throughout the system, allowing for equal air balancing. Factors that affect the industrial ventilation system’s airflow include the hood and ductwork design, the dust collector or filtration device and the fan’s discharge.

Controlling Air Flow

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can be used to manage air flow. A VFD is an affordable control for managing the fan’s speed and can be used to accommodate changes in an industrial ventilation system’s fluctuating resistance. A VFD can be used with transducers to provide continuous electrical output.

Industrial Fan Inspection and Maintenance

Industrial fans, like other ventilation components, need to be properly inspected and maintained. Dust and other materials can build up on the fan blades, causing the fan to be worn or unbalanced.

Inspect and maintain industrial fan components

  • Bearings: Incorrect bearing selection for the fan or improper lubrication is often a source of problems.
  • Belts: Improper belt tension can affect fan performance.
  • Blades & Housing: The buildup of dusts, fumes or particulates cause imbalance, vibration and reduced airflow.
  • Connectors and isolation foundations: Torn or corroded connectors and poor isolation foundations negatively affect a fan’s performance.
  • Motors:Maintain a 10 percent voltage for optimal fan performance.

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