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Mine Ventilation Systems Designed for a Unique Industry

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In the above-ground mining industry, so much relies on getting dust collection right. Silica dust collection must meet strict MSHA standards. And you need to make sure that your mine ventilation system isn’t carrying away good product. The combination of your product and process is unlike any other industry. That requires expertise in mining ventilation design. When done well, mining ventilation systems can address these concerns and more.

Silica Dust Collection: Meet the Standard with a Makeup Air System

Drying, screening and transferring silica-laden materials is a significant concern in mining operations. With proper dust collection design, exposure limits can be reduced to meet the strict silica standard.

Industrial baghouse at a mining site

The best silica dust collection is about more than removing particulates. It also addresses the air that is taken away within the process. When a dust collector is installed in a mining facility, it naturally draws air out of the building. Because that air needs to be replaced, air is drawn in, usually through doors and cracks. When a high-velocity draft comes into the building and mixes with sand and particulates left on floors or equipment, it can create high silica levels and put employee health at risk.

The answer is a makeup air system. Designed as part of a mine ventilation system, makeup air systems bring fresh, clean air into the plant. These systems play a key role in reducing silica levels, allowing personnel to work safely inside. Despite their benefit, they are often overlooked in dust collection design, so many plants lack them.

Material Handling Equipment and Dust Collection, A Perfect Pair

Material handling equipment

Belt conveyors, bucket elevators and transfer chutes are all critical components in mining operations. And while many may think material handling equipment works independently of dust collection systems, that’s simply not true. Many times, dust collection design intersects with material handling design. The interaction between the two is critical and can reduce the amount of good material being carried away within the dust collector.

IVI: An Experienced, Certified Mine Ventilation Team

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with IVI on mine ventilation systems is our depth and breadth of expertise.

  • As the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) enforced the silica standard, we’ve been successful in designing new systems or retrofitting current systems to meet the rigorous standard. We do that with a combination of dust collection and makeup air systems.
  • We excel at dust collection design as well as material handling fabrication. When we are involved in both during a project, we can successfully reduce the amount of product being carried away. Installing low-velocity take-off points and ductwork systems keeps product in the process.
  • Because MSHA training and certification is required to work at a mining site, we have a wide range of certified employees—engineers, designers, and shop and field personnel—ready and available to service our mining customers.

Ask About Our Mine Ventilation System Expertise

Use our expertise to your advantage. When we combine our dust collector and makeup air system design with our material handling fabrication, we’re able to ensure your product doesn’t get carried away with unwanted particulates. Most importantly, IVI dust collection systems help keep your employees safe. Contact us to get started.