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Industrial Ventilation Installation: Doing More with Less

Laser cutting sheet metal

When IVI’s industrial ventilation installation team arrives on a job site, the first question customers usually ask is, “Where is the rest of the crew?” It’s one of our points of pride—our crew, smaller than most, can turn even large projects more quickly because everyone on the team knows their role. That means they work collaboratively and efficiently. And that’s good news for our customers, who benefit from less downtime and a more cost-effective install.

Industrial Ventilation Installation

Dust Collector Installation Efficiency: How We Do It

How have we been able to do more with less when it comes to installation? It all goes back to our depth and breadth of experience as well as rigorous training.

We Have Broad Industry, Equipment Knowledge

Our roots in the foundry industry helped us hone skills in using heavy equipment and rigging as well as skills in installing a dust collection system in tight spaces. The high percentage of crew members who have more than 20 years of experience have helped us transfer this knowledge to industries like pulp and paper, mining, automotive and more.

Because of this broad knowledge, coupled with the large number of industrial ventilation installation jobs we’ve done across the country, most crew members know how to run the needed equipment, including cranes, forklifts and aerial lifts. Installation team members are cross-trained on needed equipment, so we can both work efficiently and bring fewer people to the site.

We Design, Build and Install

At IVI, we design, fabricate, install and maintain dust collection systems. That sets us apart from other companies that only engineer or only install systems. Because of this knowledge, our crew can identify and troubleshoot issues that might arise during install. And, if needed, the engineers who designed the system are just a phone call away.

Dust Collection Installation for Mining

We Focus on Safety

Dust collection installation comes with inherent risk—to employees and property. That’s why we focus on safety, ensuring our field crew and project managers are trained per standards set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration as well as the Mining Safety & Health Administration. In addition to this required training, we also conduct weekly staff Toolbox Talks and have in-house training on a variety of safety and hazard protection topics, from working in confined spaces to scaffold safety to hand protection.

Finally, we start each day at an installation site with a safety task analysis. During the analysis, we determine what safety hazards we may encounter and how to mitigate them so that we can reduce risk to our crew, as well as your employees and property.

A Single Point of Contact for Industrial Ventilation Installation

Not only do we heighten efficiency with a small, knowledgeable crew, we also pre-plan the install so you experience less downtime. When you’re installing a dust collection system, trust IVI to work quickly without sacrificing quality. Contact us to get started.