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Industrial Ventilation Hood Design [Video]

Laser cutting sheet metal


Hood design is very important and actually crucial for the functionality of a collection system. Improper hood design can cause a lot of issues and probably the most common one is the placement of the hood in relation to where the contaminant is being generated. A lot of times the hoods are too far away from the contaminant generation point to be effective.

IVI takes the design of hoods very seriously. One of the things that sets us apart the most I believe is just our experience. And two things that we do to ensure that hoods are going to function properly when they’re installed are to first look at them through Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling to see where air is going within the hoods. And the other thing that we do is we have built a test lab for trying out some of these hoods to ensure that they’re properly collecting the contaminant that we’re trying to capture.

Hoods are kind of a unique balance of science and art. We use a lot of equations from industry publications on sizing and determining volumetric flow rate for our hoods. But there’s also an art to ensuring that these hoods fit within the applications and the needs of our customers.