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What is a baghouse dust collector? Types, industries, capabilities and more

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An industrial baghouse dust collector, when coupled with an industrial blower, functions like a large vacuum cleaner that pulls in airborne dirt, debris and other particulate matter generated by manufacturing processes.

The baghouse dust collector then cleans the air by filtering out floating dust, dirt and debris. Once clean and free of contaminants, the dust collector allows the air to move through the baghouse and be released either back into the manufacturing space or into the atmosphere.

Types of industrial baghouse dust collectors include:

Reverse Air Dust Collector

Industrial reverse air dust collectors are typically used in wood dust applications with larger chips. Reverse air dust collectors operate by using a low-pressure reversed flow to backflush the air through the filter bags. Once backflushed, the filtered air is released back into the environment for recirculation.

Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Industrial pulse jet dust collectors are similar to reverse air dust collectors. However, instead of having continuous pressure that constantly flushes air through the filters, pulse jet dust collectors use puffs of pressurized air to “pulse” incoming air through the filters. Pulse jet dust collectors are commonly utilized in a range of industries, including chemical plants, metalworking facilities and grain mills.

Shaker Dust Collector

Industrial shaker dust collectors are occasionally used for areas and facilities where it’s not practical to have compressed air, such as mines. Shaker dust collectors remove debris particles by mechanically shaking the filter bags. This causes the heaviest pieces to fall down into the hopper while the smaller pieces are stuck against the inside of the bags.

NOTE: Today, shaker collectors are nearly obsolete and have limited applications due to required regulatory efficiencies and necessary maintenance.

Custom Design Baghouse Dust Collector Capabilities

IVI has a custom design-build department which allows us to conduct all the engineering and custom design for any type of industrial baghouse dust collector. We can design a unique baghouse to fit your needs according to regulatory emission rates, particle type, explosion protection guidelines, the size and type of your facility and air-to-cloth ratios.

Put a Custom Baghouse Dust Collector to Work for You

Understanding what a baghouse dust collector is and how it works is the first step. If you’re ready for an industrial baghouse design that caters to your facility’s requirements, complete the form below.

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