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5 Tips for Evaluating Industrial Ventilation Fabrication Companies

Laser cutting sheet metal

When you’re on the hunt for an industrial ventilation fabrication company, you want a partner who knows how to do it right the first time. With so many options, how do you discern who will provide both what you want and what you need?

Project managers often make this mistake when searching for an industrial ventilation fabrication company.

Many project managers find themselves in a predicament after hiring the lowest bidder over the most detailed. They may need another metal fabrication contractor to come in after the first and do it correctly, effectively doubling or tripling their budget.

This guide helps you avoid the all-too-common pitfalls.

Tip #1: Ask about history and metal fabrication experience

There is no way around it: To become a skilled metal fabricator; one needs years of experience.

A competent custom industrial ventilation fabrication company will have a dense portfolio of projects, a long history of being in business and an experienced team. When you put in an inquiry, this should be one of the first questions you ask.

Tip #2: For custom metal fabrication, solicit a transparent, detailed project scope

Too often, when project managers sign with a company that offers the lowest bid, they later find the contractor was not detailed enough in their scope of work. That often results in a flurry of change orders or project rework. One way to avoid this mistake is by asking for a bid sample up front. This will allow you to see the detail at which a project is scoped and to provide feedback in advance of the bid being sent.

Tip #3: Ask if the company offers more than metal fabrication services

Engineering and design are typically handled by separate organizations. When different organizations handle various parts of the same project, disconnects in communication, process and progress can result.

IVI, on the other hand, is a full-service industrial ventilation design, engineering, manufacturing and installation company. That means the IVI team oversees both engineering and design of your industrial ventilation system. This cuts the lags between handoffs lowering the risk of miscommunication. The result: Projects are more efficient and effective.

Ask the question up front, “Is your team capable of managing this project from start to finish? If not, what aspects are you willing to cover and how do you manage the transitions?”

Tip #4: Confirm metal fabrication equipment upgrade schedules

Any custom industrial ventilation fabrication company will be regularly updating and upgrading equipment for two reasons:

  • Poorly updated equipment creates subpar products
  • Equipment failures cause delays in project progress

Be sure and ask any prospective industrial ventilation manufacturer about current equipment, planned upgrades and if they have contingencies in place to mitigate equipment failure.

Tip #5: Find out how and when their project managers will be communicating with you

Last but not least, set clear expectations around how and when you will hear from your project manager. At what points in the project will they be communicating with you? How and when will delays or scope changes be addressed? Creating clear guidelines for communications up front sets you and your new project manager up for a successful professional relationship.

Bonus tip: safety plan

Does your prospective industrial ventilation fabrication company have a safety plan in place? Because safety incidents on a jobsite can affect your productivity, it’s critical to ask about safety training, safety plans and safety record.

Industrial ventilation company selection

Gathering the information outlined above can help you ensure the industrial ventilation company you select is the partner you want.

IVI has proudly been in the metal fabrication business for over 30 years, uses the most up-to-date equipment, and offers start-to-finish industrial ventilation design, engineering, custom metal fabrication and installation services on all of our custom projects.

Are you looking for an industrial ventilation fabrication company that can bring your idea to life? Get a quote today.