Combustible Dust Explosion Protection

Combustible, or explosive dust, is one of the greatest threats to employee safety and facility integrity. Standardized by NFPA and enforced by OSHA, explosive dust guidelines are critical and, with expert oversight, many of the common factors attributing to its occurrence can be mitigated. IVI’s experienced team is highly skilled and knowledgable in this area, designing and fabricating systems designed to mitigate this hazard.


  • Understanding of NFPA 61, 68, 69, 484, 654, and 664, as well as FM7-76
  • Experience with isolation (active and passive), suppression and venting systems
  • Capable of 2-D and 3-D drawings for device placement within manufacturer specifications
  • Design for adequate transport velocities
  • Customized layout to reduce protection device costs


  • Dust collector customized for dust characteristics and vent selection
  • Ductwork fabrication
  • Welded seam duct construction and high level QA/AC on enclosures (baghouses/mechanical separation devices/material transport equipment)


  • Understanding manufacturer’s mechanical/electrical installation requirements
  • Knowledgeable mechanical installation team familiar with detector, canister, vent, flap valve, etc.
  • Skilled project management oversight on electrical installation

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