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Baghouse Dust Collection system

Laser cutting sheet metal

IVI has designed, fabricated and installed hundreds of long-lasting baghouse dust collection systems throughout North America for foundries, mining, pulp and paper, and a number of other industries. Our design team has custom-engineered baghouses to provide the most efficient capture and removal of dust for cleaner air quality and safer work environments. 


  • Excel in custom baghouse dust collection design 
  • Engineer baghouses to meet or exceed requirements 
  • Meet regulatory discharge rates and air-to-cloth ratios 
  • Build structural steel stairs, platforms and ladders for easy maintenance 
  • Ensure waste containers are readily accessible 
  • Provide a lifelong service and maintenance option 


  • Low can and interstitial velocities 
  • Clean and dirty air sections are typically 10-gauge, mild steel, continuous–weld construction. Hopper sections are typically 7-gauge mild steel. 
  • Standard cell plate ¼” mild steel 
  • Clean air interior plenum painted white 
  • Hopper section has integral support with pipe cross members 
  • Abrasion-resistant baffles 
  • Stairs, ladders and access platforms manufactured to OSHA standards