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Mining Ventilation Systems [Video]

Laser cutting sheet metal

Not only is IVI knowledgeable in mining ventilation systems, but also in material handling fabrication. To learn more, press play below to view “Mining Ventilation Systems.”

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In the mining industry, IVI provides industrial ventilation systems which include exhaust systems as well as make up air systems. In addition to ventilation systems IVI provides material handling equipment which include belt conveyors, bucket elevators as well as all the transfer chutes between all of the pieces of equipment. It is an advantage for IVI’s customers to use us to do both the industrial ventilation systems as well as the material handling equipment.

It is critical how both of those areas react with each other and interact. Silica exposure is a great concern in the mining industry. Proper industrial ventilation systems as well as material handling systems can greatly reduce the exposure level. With the combination of dust collection systems as well as make up air systems, silica levels can be reduced to a point where personnel can operate within facilities.

What sets IVI apart with industrial ventilation in the mining industry is we have knowledge and exposure to material handling equipment design, chute design, as well as the ventilation package. So even if you have an existing system, we can come in and make improvements to improve the dust collection as well as reduce silica exposure.