Industrial Exhaust Stacks

IVI has designed, fabricated and installed industrial exhaust stacks for foundries, pollution control, pulp and paper, and automotive industries throughout North America. We are capable of producing stacks of any diameter and height in a variety of steel, including carbon, stainless and HSLA.

Industrial Exhaust Capabilities

  • Engineer, manufacture and install any size or dimension stack
  • Engineer and design foundation requirements
  • Design in accordance with the provisions of ASTM STS-1, 1BC, and ASCE-7 for all applicable wind and seismic requirements
  • Configure to needed exit velocity requirements, wind shearing and ventilation needs
  • Experience to meet your schedule

“IVI worked well with us during a critical stack design stage in the project. IVI was very responsive and this helped our overall schedule tremendously.”

Intercat Plant Project Manager

Download the Industrial Exhaust Stacks Sell Sheet

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