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What to Expect from an Engineering Study [Video]

Laser cutting sheet metal


After IVI gets on site, we take a lot of different air readings and evaluate the the dust collection unit itself for wear and tear, the fan. So when we get back to the office we put together a pretty nice report basically laying out everything that we’ve seen on site. You know, giving you back all the data on your equipment so if your dust collection system has 20 points we basically give you a nice chart back that shows each point, what it goes to, the volume that it has, the static pressure at each point. Some indication on whether or not it’s doing its job and picking up the the particulate. So we give you all the basic information of what you have.

And then once we get through that we give you a section of recommendations pointing out all the improvements that could be made or we’re just generally stating that what you have is good, the design is acceptable and the volume is adequate what those are, we’ll actually go back through and say okay, these were the recommendations for this dust collector. We’ll put together an actual proposal on the cost to do that.

Being that we are a turnkey company we’ll put together a conceptual design, a price for it and then upon acceptance we would give you a final design deliverable along with an implemented solution.