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Testing and Balancing

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Once all industrial ventilation equipment is installed, our experienced team of engineers tests and balances the system to ensure all components are working properly. Proper system testing and balancing is essential in saving energy, extending equipment life and improving operational efficiencies. IVI’s testing and balancing team will:

  1. Engage your industrial ventilation system to simulate normal operating conditions;
  2. Perform traverse air readings on all ductwork, taking an average of 10 horizontal and vertical readings to determine the airflow’s cubic feet per minute rate, and;
  3. Install necessary blast gates or orifices throughout the system to provide correct air pressure.

After the airflow modifications are complete, we plug the reading holes to yield easy future access.

IVI TraceAir

IVI TraceAir assists in testing and balancing procedures by providing a means of easily testing air flow paths in a baghouse collection system.

Once a baghouse collector is installed, we inject a fluorescent dye powder into the air stream. After it has coated the inside of the baghouse, we turn off the fan and intricately examine the clean air side for any trace of color under a black light. The result: We can quickly and easily identify any leaks in the baghouse.

IVI ProtectAir

IVI ProtectAir compound is a pre-coating material we use to ensure an initial “cake” is built on the bag filters before they are brought into full production. Internal caking provides nearly 80% of air filtering through heavy particle embedment, helping to increase efficiency and life of bags.

After the initial caking, IVI can provide a regular induction system to slowly feed IVI ProtectAir in at all times as a combatant against excessive cleaning and decreased filtration.

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