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Indoor Air Quality Surveys

Evaluating and troubleshooting the issues with your facility’s existing industrial HVAC or process air system by conducting an indoor air quality survey is often the first step in finding a solution that will be most cost effective short-term and produce the highest production and energy efficiencies long-term.

During an air quality survey, IVI’s knowledgeable engineering staff and field technicians, will evaluate your needs and document the findings. Air quality survey results will identify which processes and systems are functioning effectively and efficiently and which are not. IVI will then offer cost-effective recommendations regarding industrial ventilation maintenance, upgrades, and replacements in order to ensure the proper function and efficiency for your business. These surveys will also help to evaluate current capacity shortfalls or excess capacity that maybe allocated for future needs.

An air survey is used to troubleshoot process air and industrial HVAC system issues.

IVI offers this service on an as-needed basis and strongly recommends monthly, quarterly, or annual indoor air quality surveys for facilities that depend heavily upon properly functioning ventilation systems for their manufacturing processes. IVI representatives would be happy to work with you and set up a program that best fits your company’s needs.

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