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Field Installation

Following fabrication, IVI continues to provide your company with a turnkey ventilation service by offering installation and field services. Our experienced project managers, field foremen and field crews are committed to your organization, striving to maintain a set schedule fitted to your time constraints.

Between pre-install prep, impeccably timed deliveries and smaller efficient crews, IVI can get the job done on time with up to 50% savings on labor costs.

The Process

Prior to installation, IVI ensures all necessary equipment and machinery is on your company site. Thoughtful preparation and pre-work are just one way we improve field installation efficiency and reduce installation-related downtime.

Once onsite, foremen and crew members utilize detailed drawings to erect your turnkey system to precise specifications.

Throughout the process, our project manager’s utilize powerful project management software to ensure every installation action is documented and projects are kept on budget and on time.

Crews You Can Trust

You are guaranteed experienced, trained workers – no matter your company’s location. Our crew oversees the field installation and works hand-in-hand with your facilities team to minimize any downtime.


IVI maintains the highest of safety standards within our shop and at your location. Every day in the field, the field foreman and his crew complete a Safety Task Analysis (STA) card to discuss the task at hand and assess any dangers to prevent future safety implications.

25% Safer

Our team’s commitment to safety has reduced incident rates 25% lower than national averages, ensuring safe, quality, efficient and cost-effective services to our customers.

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