Safety Committee Meeting Minutes – May


May 10, 2017


Tony Gorges, Josh Hammen, Paul Dunkel, Bill Peters, Jeff Tessen, Renae Langel


  • IVI still stands strong at zero recordable injuries for the year.


  • We had one auto incident this past month. An employee had the tailgate of our truck down and backed into a pole that he did not see. This caused enough damage to the vehicle that the tailgate had to be replaced.

Near Miss

  • Chain fall failed on a job site causing ductwork to start to fall. Thankfully the employee was able to grab the chain causing the load to stop falling. Another employee then aided in getting the load re-secured. This brand of equipment will be removed from IVI’s tool crib and will be replaced with the Coffing brand of equipment by the end of June. Bill Peters will be working on getting an informational card from this vendor on the proper way to use this equipment.


  • Mid-April we had a near miss in P2 when an employee was cutting material when the cardboard and paper that was covering material about 10 feet away from him, caught fire. The fire was extinguished with a fire extinguisher.


Safety Reminders

  • Housekeeping. We need to make sure that we all pick up after ourselves and keep our work areas clean and free from hazards. This includes both the shops and at our customer sites.


  • Marvel Saw. A list of authorized users has been posted on the saw. Only the employees whose names are listed may use the saw. This change came about as employees who had not been trained in the proper use of the saw were ruining saw blades. This was not only a safety concern, but also a financial one as the blades cost $75/each and at least 2 were being replaced each week.


  • Vendors & Truck Drivers. A reminder that vendors and truck drivers must follow all IVI Safety Rules. If you see a vendor or a truck driver who is not following our safety rules (like safety glasses, ear plugs, fall protection, etc.) please remind them of the rule that must be followed. If you are not comfortable in approaching them please let either Tony Gorges, Josh Hammen, Jeff Tessen, Bill Peters, Paul Dunkel, Doug Uitenbroek or Renae Langel know and they will address the issue.