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Foundry Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Well before IVI’s inception, its founder Gerry Auler worked closely with leaders in the foundry industry to provide the best ventilation solutions possible and study the needs of the industry. In fact, it was the foundry industry that inspired IVI’s formation. We continue to work closely with our industry partners to solve compliance issues of The Clean Air Act to provide a cleaner, healthier environment.


IVI’s engineering and design team has mastered 3D system design and modeling to improve particulate elimination, reduce heat transfer and identify stress points in foundry ventilation systems. That means you are able to see the system in action as it processes and cools the air. That happens before it is even built – well before it’s installed. This reduces costly mistakes, increases energy efficiencies and improves air quality results.

Custom Fabrication

While other manufacturers provide “plan and spec” ventilation systems from pre-existing drawings, this approach is like trying to place a square peg in a round hole. IVI’s custom, turnkey ventilation systems create the perfect fit. With IVI Flo and our 3D modeling, we design systems to function in their exact environments, guaranteed to not only work but to provide superior performance to save our clients time and money.

Foundry Ventilation Projects

Projects within the foundry industry can vary based on need, but always meet NFPA, EPA and OSHA standards. A few examples of projects in the foundry industry include:

  • Dust collection and process air systems for all foundry processes
  • Custom shakeout enclosures and collection hoods
  • Exhaust stacks, tanks and custom structural steel

Are you ready for OSHA's new silica rule. IVI can help.

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