Fume Collection Systems

IVI designs, fabricates and installs long-lasting fume collection systems throughout North America for companies that require specialized air quality control and ventilation. Our customized solutions remove hazardous airborne particles (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially harmful to employees and the environment.

IVI Fume Collection Capabilities

  • Assist in the selection of scrubbers, thermal oxidizers, coalescing filters, and other controls to remove air toxicities
  • Design systems that work well when the contaminant is tacky or moist and would plug conventional systems
  • Engineer multi-filtration fume collection systems
  • Engineer other fume collection components, including fume hoods, specific to your manufacturing process
  • Build fume collection systems that meet or exceed regulatory requirements
  • Ensure fume collector design is optimized with the rest of the system
  • Ensure easy maintenance access
  • Provide a lifelong service and maintenance option
  • Proven ability to work with your schedule
  • Provide assistance for moveable hood controls, fan VFD design and stack discharge monitoring

Download Fume Collection Systems Sell Sheet

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