EPA Considers Stricter Ozone Emissions

The EPA has been reviewing and evaluating ozone levels and affiliated scientific data to determine if the existing regulation of 75 ppb is sufficient or if the standard should be more stringent. The second draft of the Policy Assessment for the Review of the Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards has been released with EPA staff findings and recommendations that will likely impact the requirements and specifications of industrial ventilation systems.

Staff has preliminarily concluded that the evidence supports the consideration of revised and stricter ozone standards to a range of 70 ppb to 60 ppb in order to improve public health. Noted within the document are those populations appearing to be at greater risk of high ozone-related illnesses, including individuals with certain genotypes, individuals with asthma, younger and older age groups, individuals with reduced intake of certain nutrients, and outdoor workers.

IVI is monitoring these recommendations and will keep you informed should EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy elect to act and thereby impose more stringent controls.

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