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Mechanical Separation Filtration

IVI, Inc. uses an array of mechanical separation filtration devices to remove heavy particulate from air streams. Three common devices are listed below. IVI can customize one of these devices to fit your unique application. The devices can be designed to meet efficiencies, pressure drops and space requirements.


Air enters a classifier through a horizontal duct and is then spun around a horizontal axis perpendicular to the air stream.  This causes a centrifugal force that pushes the particulate to the edge of the classifier and downward toward the hopper.  The cleaned air exits the classifier horizontally, and the particulate is removed from the hopper through an airlock device.


Cyclones operate similarly to the classifiers with the exception being that the air is spun on a vertical axis and clean air exits through the top of the device.  Cyclones can be more efficient capture devices than classifiers and typically have a larger pressure drop across them.

Drop-out Boxes

Drop-out boxes remove energy from particulate through the use of baffles and impact plates.  Air can maneuver around the baffles where the momentum of the heavier particulate carries it into the baffles.  Gravity then draws the particulate to the bottom of the drop-out box where it is removed to a waste container.  A slow air velocity is key inside the drop-out box to ensure that particulate is not re-entrained into the air stream.


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