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Fume Collection Systems

Many industries require specialized air quality control and ventilation when dealing with noxious fumes that are potentially harmful to employees and the environment. These hazardous airborne particles (HAPs) require different ventilation solutions, such as scrubbers and fume hoods. IVI, Inc. designs, manufactures and installs custom fume collection systems and close-capture hoods to specification, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety for your employees.


Much like a baghouse dust collector, a scrubber cleans harmful fumes out of the air through a complex water-acid filtration process. Scrubbers are most practical if the contaminant being filtered has a tacky or moist characteristic that would plug traditional baghouse filters. Either wet or dry, scrubbers remove air toxicities and allow cleaner, lighter air to pass through the internal filters.

IVI takes the greatest precaution when filtering HAPs, often implementing a multi-filtration fume collection system with solutions such as high-efficiency HEPA filters or medium-efficiency filters for post-scrubber filtration. Only after the contaminated air has passed through multiple filtrations would it circulate it back into the facility or outdoor environment.

Fume Hoods and Testing

IVI also engineers and designs other fume collection systems, including fume hoods specific to your manufacturing process. Once installed, our team performs fume hood testing to determine how much air is being drawn and how much is expelled. These tests ensure that any HAPs are mitigated enough to keep employees and the environment healthy.

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