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Industrial Dust Collection Systems

We Engineer Safe, Affordable and Long-lasting Systems

An efficient and custom-engineered industrial dust collection system can help your company improve air quality and reduce exposure to hazardous particulates, random releases of dust into the air, fire and explosion, productivity decline, and difficulty maintaining a clean work environment. While “standard” dust collection systems can be purchased pre-fabricated, IVI’s systems are custom-engineered to ensure air filtration is its most efficient, producing long-term cost savings and better air quality.

Custom Dust Collection System Design

The first step in engineering and designing a custom dust collection system is to work with IVI’s team to examine your building’s current installation and discuss your biggest issues. Next, we’ll work with you to create plans, including 3D airflow models, for a whole new or upgraded dust collection system.

Engineered Factory Dust Collector Process

A typical engineered system will encompass the following design aspects:

  • Dust particulates are collected through dust collection hoods that have been created for optimal performance and fabricated to fit your unique application or machine requirements in our fabrication shop.
  • The dust collection hoods, as well as the ductwork required to gather and remove the excess particulates from the air, are then custom fabricated to fit each individual process or application. We take into account spark suppression and explosion to ensure fire mitigation.
  • Next, we select the fans that will work most efficiently, and in the most energy-efficient way based on each configuration’s particular airflow requirements.
  • Finally, the appropriate separation device is selected based upon whether your needs require a dry collection system, a wet collection system or even a combination of the two to in order to meet your dust handling objectives.
  • IVI’s dust collection systems are also often integrated into your production department’s HVAC systems. This provides a combination of cost-effective handling with the efficient reuse of conditioned department air, both seasonally and year-round.

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