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Design-Build Projects

IVI takes pride in its complete industrial ventilation design-build-install capabilities. Where other vendors use stock parts to build their systems, IVI takes a different approach.

Even before the contract is signed, we like to visit your worksite. This gives our engineers, project managers and designers a chance to see your project site first-hand. They can take measurements and design a custom-fit industrial ventilation system to maximize your long-term return on investment. Plus, you know you are receiving an accurate estimate the first time, saving you money by avoiding those last-minute change orders.

By the end of your project, having an industrial ventilation design customized and completed by IVI can save you up to 75% in engineering costs. These savings are achieved through fewer redesigns, up-front communication with the fabrication and installation teams, and more efficient use of resources.

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Industrial Ventilation Design-Build Capabilities

We provide everything from structural to environmental engineering, as well as a vast array of technologies, including our IVI Flo simulation and analysis. IVI has the tools and the team to get your job done … on time, and in compliance with OSHA, MSHA, EPA and NFPA.

Take a look at our custom design-build capabilities below or check out the project photos on the right-hand side of the page.

Industrial ventilation systems designed and built by IVI can save you up to 75% in engineering costs.

Team Players

Already work with a design and engineering firm? No problem! We’re team players and able to work as a partner on the project. And we are highly competitive on plan-spec projects, as well.

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