Case Study: Grede Reedsburg

Custom Baghouse Dust Collector

IVI’s customized baghouse dust collector provided Grede Reedsburg with a cleaner work environment and reduced
delays from system clogging.

The Problem

Baghouse showing wear

Grede Reedsburg’s baghouse system was showing wear in the down flow collector’s head sheet side walls. Water was
infiltrating into the dust flow, occasionally plugging and the system and causing delays in production. Grede Reedsburg considered several different options focusing on a system to increase energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

The Solution

A customized baghouse

Ultimately Grede Reedsburg decided to replace the current dust collector with a customized IVI baghouse dust collection system. IVI demonstrated improved air efficiency compared to down flow designs through its computerized flow modeling system. IVI utilized a ladder baffle design to uniformly load the baghouse. This led to more effective cleaning and reduced the total system pressure.

Cleaner work environment

Grede Reedsburg Maintenance Engineer Stan Albrecht said: “As well as installing the replacement, IVI’s team recommended eliminating two upstream elbows used by the old system. Removing these provided a 12 percent boost in flow at the collector inlet, using the same blower input. This provided a cleaner work environment in the affected areas of the plant.”

The successful completion of this project has resulted in a cleaner work environment thanks to the reduced pressure drop in the baghouse inlet configuration.

Maintaining Strong Relationships

For over a decade IVI has provided Grede Reedsburg complete dust collection solutions starting with the completion of a system consolidation project. This project allowed Grede Reedsburg to obtain compliance with governmental regulations. More recently, IVI replaced the upper section of the cupola on a time sensitive schedule.

About Grede Reedsburg

Motor vehicle safety-critical parts manufacturer Located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, Grede Reedsburg produces ductile iron castings. It has a reputation for producing highvolume, motor vehicle, safety-critical parts, including brake calipers and supports, crankshafts, damper forks, differential cases, steering knuckles, planetary carriers, slip yokes, pulleys, companion flanges and wheel hubs. Grede Reedsburg produces up to 130,000 tons a year of ductile iron castings and is committed to providing a clean, safe working environment.

IVI’s turnkey solution

IVI delivered a turnkey solution that:

  • Replacement of an corroded system
  • Redesign of the systems duct routing
  • Custom design of the systems dust collector
  • Fabrication of the systems dust collector and some ductwork
  • Complete installation of the overall system

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