Case Study: American Case Iron Pipe Company

Industrial Ventilation Solution

AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company turned to IVI for an industrial ventilation solution to improve the environment surrounding its operators at the pipe casting machines.

The Problem

Production inefficiency through heat and humidity High heat and humidity in the foundry made for a difficult and unsafe work environment and created equipment issues leading to inefficiency and production loss. Operating costs and maintenance for the filtration system needed to be minimized while maximizing air quality. Direct cooling to workstations and coordination of on-site contractors for installation and maintenance crews were also required.

The Solution

Production phases for a smooth transition IVI engineered and designed a multi-phase project to provide cooling and ventilation to operators on the pouring line, starting with the installation of a spot man cooling system.

Moving forward

IVI engineered, designed and installed the cooling and filtration system support structure, including a baghouse system to filter and circulate air from outside; and a custom chiller system to cool the heat exchanger coils before driving air through existing ductwork to individual workstations. Capital costs were reduced by utilizing the existing ductwork and platform for the new system.

Maintaining Strong Relationships

John Woods, vice president of engineering at AMERICAN, commented, “The physical arrangement and work schedules of one of our existing large production areas made improvement of the ventilation system to include air conditioning a very difficult problem. We contacted IVI, who had been promoted to us as very capable for this type of work. Throughout the process, from developing a concept to final installation and check out, we have found IVI to be very capable, dependable and honest. IVI is the type of company AMERICAN looks for when developing partnerships for work in our plant.”

About AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company

AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company was founded in Alabama in 1905 and manufactures pipes and other products for the waterworks, oil and gas industries. The company “is committed to the well-being of its workforce” according to its website, and it’s actions to improve the working environment underscore this claim. In fact, the company’s official safety program in the early 20th century became a model for the industry.

IVI delivered a turnkey solution that included:

  • Spot man cooling for operators on the pouring line
  • Baghouse to filter outside air into the foundry
  • Custom-engineered chiller system
  • Cooling and filtration system support structure
  • Air diffusers and complete system trim balancing
  • Additional consultation and assistance to sub-contractors and maintenance crews

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ACIPCO – Industrial Ventilation Case Study

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